Through a series of partnerships, we have established a pipeline of opportunistic investments. Our focus is finding and creating value upon each acquisition and throughout the hold period. We do not speculate and avoid “in the path of growth” investments. Each investment must have a clearly defined exit strategy, and through active management we pursue the ideal risk and return monetization point. Our local Operating Partners are experts in their respective fields, and we rely on their guidance. The objective of each investment is to limit our downside, while allowing for substantial upside potential.

Our initial investment thesis was to deliver finished lots and ready to build subdivisions to the homebuilding community and it has since evolved into building a portfolio of cash flowing assets as well. On select investments, we contribute equity for vertical construction and the build out of neighborhoods.

States: California, Hawaii, Oregon
Location: Suburban and Infill
Type: For Sale, Mixed Use, Apartments, Value Add Commercial, RV Park, Adaptive Reuse
Transaction Size: $2-$50mm
Condition: Finished Lots, TTM, Raw (in some cases), Repositioning, redevelopment or re-tenanting.
Density: Residential less than 40 du/ac
Duration: Exit within 5 years