Mana Investments, Inc. is the parent company of several operating partnerships.

The firm was founded to invest on behalf of an institutional capital partner in 2012. We have since evolved to include a variety of financial partners. Each investment is owned by a single purpose LLC, of which a Mana-owned entity functions as the Development or General Partner. Our team includes professionals with in-depth backgrounds acquiring, managing and selling complex real estate development investments. We respect each other and strive for the ideal work-life balance.

Orville Power


Years of Experience: 21

Specialist: Acquisition, Finance, Design & Management

Education: San Diego State University (Finance); University of CA, Irvine (MIRM)

Scott Murray


Years of Experience: 25

Specialist: Sales, Marketing, Acquisition, Investor Management

Education: California State University of Chico

Bruce Bonfield


Years of Experience: 30+

Specialist: Construction Management, Forward Planning, Due Diligence

Education:  San Jose State University (Finance), University of Santa Clara (MBA – Finance)

David Hood


Years of Experience: 21

Specialist: Institutional Investment Management, Finance, Strategy

Education: San Diego State University (BS-Financial Services); San Diego State University (MS-Finance); Cornell University (CRE Certificate)

Jeannie Chapman


  • Years of Experience: 40
  • Specialist: Accounting and Property Management.
  • Education: California State University, Long Beach

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