CSLB #741874

Mana Investments began as a distress real estate investor functioning as a programmatic partner for a multi-billion dollar alternative investment firm. Our team excels in uncovering value through complex zoning regulations and working with municipalities to gain approval for developments. After a series of joint ventures building out our approved projects together, Mana vertically integrated by founding Aspen Residential with Bruce Bonfield. The team has grown to include in-housing purchasing as well as multiple site superintendents. This integration of a general contracting into the investment platform firm reduces risk, allow for proper alignment and helps to control costs.

Integrated Investment

Vertical Construction

Our trusted rolodex of subcontractors allows us to effectively build communities.

Horizontal Infrastructure

We have substantial experience completing complex infrastructure projects.

Value Engineering

Maximizing the project’s function while minimizing cost generates the greatest value for our partners.




Asset Management

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